Website is up and running. Let start getting the forums created guys so we can release it to the rest of the clan next week. I created the site on 2 other web hosts and I didn't care for how they look or the option they had to change the theme.

I think we should stick with this web host for the time being. I am going to start getting all the widgets working.

Starting in Feb we will be giving away a gift to the member with the most usage out of the website, and all the social media. Any ideas you guys have to promote usage of our media let me know so we can implement them.

Looks like we will be going with Discord vs teamspeak or Ventrilo for the time being. We do get a free voice server with the web site package.

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Rules for usage contest

Tiki0114 - 2016 days ago

Usage Tournament 

Max 5 points a day


1 point per post on Website (max of 3 points per day


1 point per Facebook post or comment( max of 3 points per day)


1 point per day for use of discord either voice or chat must be verified by an admin.


2 points when you recruit a new member to the community. (Does not count towards your daily limit nor has a limit).


All post must be related to what the topic is and must make sense. No random bullshit Admins reserve the rights to not count certain posts.

If there is a tie breaker all potential winners will play one table of full tilt poker.(game is free to download, also provides free coins) till a winner is decided.


Feb prize is a $30 visa gift card.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em